Is Sezzle Safe? Exploring its Security Measures


Sezzle is a rapidly growing fintech company that has developed a unique solution to address a significant challenge in the e-commerce industry. Founded in 2016, Sezzle has quickly gained popularity among consumers, retailers, and investors alike, thanks to its innovative “buy now, pay later” platform.

The Problem

One of the most significant obstacles for e-commerce retailers is the problem of cart abandonment. According to a report by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is around 70%, which means that seven out of ten shoppers who add items to their carts do not complete their purchases. One of the primary reasons for this high abandonment rate is the perceived lack of affordability.

Many shoppers add items to their carts, only to abandon them at the last minute because they cannot afford to pay for the entire purchase upfront. This is especially true for millennials and Gen Z shoppers, who are more likely to prioritize convenience and flexibility in their shopping experience.

The Solution

Sezzle’s platform addresses this problem by offering customers a way to split their purchases into four interest-free payments. Sezzle’s “buy now, pay later” solution allows customers to pay for their purchases over time, making it easier for them to manage their finances while also reducing cart abandonment rates.

Sezzle partners with retailers to integrate their platform into their checkout process, enabling customers to select Sezzle as a payment option during checkout. Once selected, Sezzle pays the retailer upfront for the purchase, and the customer repays Sezzle in four installments over six weeks.

Sezzle charges merchants a small fee for each transaction, which is typically around 6% of the total purchase price. However, the benefits for merchants are clear. Sezzle helps increase conversion rates, reduces cart abandonment, and attracts new customers who may not have been able to afford the purchase otherwise.

The Impact

Sezzle’s “buy now, pay later” platform has had a significant impact on the e-commerce industry since its launch. The company has rapidly grown its user base, with over 2.5 million active customers and over 34,000 merchant partners as of Q3 2021. Sezzle’s revenue has also grown significantly, with Q3 2021 revenue of $42.9 million, up 140% from the same period in the previous year.

In addition to its financial success, Sezzle has also made a positive impact on its users. According to a survey conducted by Sezzle, 63% of its customers reported that the platform had helped them make purchases they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford. This has been especially significant for young consumers, who are more likely to struggle with financial stability and budgeting.

Advantages of Sezzle

Sezzle’s platform allows customers to split their purchases into four interest-free payments, making it easier for them to manage their finances while also reducing cart abandonment rates. Here are some of the advantages of Sezzle:

A. Advantages for Consumers

1. Affordability
‍One of the most significant advantages of Sezzle is that it offers affordable payment options to consumers. Customers can split their purchases into four interest-free payments, allowing them to manage their finances better and avoid high interest charges.

2. Flexibility
‍Sezzle offers a flexible payment schedule that aligns with a customer’s pay cycle. Customers can choose to pay their installments either weekly or bi-weekly, ensuring that they can pay for their purchases without straining their finances.

3. No Credit Checks
‍Unlike traditional credit options, Sezzle does not perform a credit check. This means that customers with poor or no credit can still use the platform, making it a more inclusive and accessible option.

4. Convenience
‍Sezzle’s platform is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the checkout process of participating merchants. Customers can select Sezzle as a payment option during checkout and complete their purchase within minutes.

5. Risk-Free
‍Sezzle offers a risk-free shopping experience for customers. If a customer misses a payment or cannot make an installment, Sezzle does not charge any late fees or penalties. Instead, Sezzle pauses the customer’s account until they can make the missed payment.

B. Advantages for Merchants:

1. Increased Sales

‍By offering Sezzle as a payment option, merchants can attract new customers who may not have been able to afford the purchase otherwise. This increases sales and helps merchants grow their customer base.‍

2. Reduced Cart Abandonment

‍Sezzle’s platform reduces cart abandonment rates by making purchases more affordable and accessible to customers.

3. Guaranteed Payment‍

Sezzle pays merchants upfront for the purchase, ensuring that they receive payment regardless of whether the customer completes all four installments.

4. No Risk

‍Sezzle assumes all the risk associated with the purchase, including fraud and non-payment. This makes it a risk-free option for merchants.

5. Marketing

‍Sezzle provides marketing and promotional support to merchants, helping them promote the platform to their customers and increase sales.

Sezzle offers several advantages to both consumers and merchants. Its affordable and flexible payment options, risk-free shopping experience, and promotional support make it an attractive option for both parties. By addressing the challenge of affordability in the e-commerce industry, Sezzle has become a leader in the “buy now, pay later” space and is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

Disadvantages of Sezzle

Sezzle is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service that allows customers to pay for purchases in installments over time. While Sezzle has many benefits, there are also some disadvantages that should be considered before using the service. These disadvantages include:

‍1. Late Fees

Sezzle charges late fees if a customer misses a payment. Late fees can add up quickly and can make the cost of using Sezzle much more expensive.

2. Credit Score Impact
‍Using Sezzle can impact your credit score. If you miss payments or have a lot of outstanding balances, it can hurt your credit score and make it harder to get approved for credit in the future.

3. Limited Retailers
‍Sezzle is not accepted by all retailers. This means that you may not be able to use Sezzle to make purchases at your favorite stores.

4. Interest Rates
‍Sezzle charges interest rates that can be higher than traditional credit cards. This means that if you carry a balance, you could end up paying more in interest than you would with a credit card.

5. Payment Schedule
‍Sezzle requires customers to make payments every two weeks. This can be difficult for some customers to keep up with, especially if they have other bills to pay.

6. Debt Accumulation
‍Using Sezzle can lead to debt accumulation if you are not careful. It can be easy to overspend and get into debt if you are not keeping track of your payments and balances.

7. Hidden Fees
‍Sezzle may charge hidden fees that are not disclosed upfront. This can make it difficult to budget and plan for your payments.

While Sezzle offers many benefits, it is important to be aware of the potential disadvantages. It is important to carefully consider your financial situation and make sure that you can afford the payments before using Sezzle or any other BNPL service.

Should you use Sezzle?

As a merchant, Sezzle may be appealing because it can increase sales by offering consumers a more flexible payment option.

From a consumer’s perspective, Sezzle can be attractive because it can allow them to make purchases without having to pay the full amount upfront.

Here are some potential pros and cons of using Sezzle from both a merchant’s and consumer’s point of view:

A. Merchant’s perspective

1. Increased sales
‍Offering Sezzle as a payment option can attract more customers who may not have been able to afford the full purchase price upfront.‍

2. No risk of chargebacks
‍Sezzle assumes the risk of chargebacks, so the merchant doesn’t have to worry about losing revenue due to chargebacks.

1. Fees
‍Sezzle charges merchants a fee for each transaction, which can add up and eat into profit margins.

2. Delayed revenue
‍Sezzle pays the merchant in installments, which means that the merchant may not receive the full amount of revenue until all installments have been paid.

B. Consumer’s perspective

1. More flexible payment options
‍Sezzle allows consumers to split the cost of a purchase into four interest-free payments, which can make the purchase more manageable for some consumers.

2. No credit check
‍Sezzle does not require a credit check, which can be helpful for consumers who may not have a strong credit history.

1. Late fees
Sezzle charges late fees if a consumer misses a payment, which can add up and make the purchase more expensive in the long run.

2. Potential impact on credit score
‍While Sezzle does not require a credit check, if a consumer misses a payment or defaults on a payment, it could potentially impact their credit score.

Ultimately, whether or not to use Sezzle depends on the specific needs and circumstances of the merchant and consumer. It is important for both parties to carefully consider the potential benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

How safe is Sezzle?

As with any financial service, it’s important to understand the potential risks and safety concerns associated with using Sezzle.

From a security perspective, Sezzle uses encryption and other security measures to protect consumers’ personal and financial information. Sezzle is also a PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, which means that it meets the highest level of security standards for payment processing. This indicates that Sezzle takes security seriously and has implemented measures to protect consumer data.

From a consumer protection standpoint, Sezzle offers a Buyer Protection policy that can provide reimbursement for eligible purchases that are not received or that are significantly different from what was described. Sezzle also has a Dispute Resolution process that can help consumers resolve any issues that arise with a purchase.

However, it’s important to note that Sezzle is not a bank, and as such, it is not FDIC-insured. This means that consumers’ funds may not be protected in the event that Sezzle goes out of business or experiences financial difficulties.

Additionally, as with any payment platform, there is always a risk of fraud or unauthorized transactions. Consumers should be vigilant in monitoring their Sezzle account and report any suspicious activity immediately.


In summary, Sezzle can be a safe payment option for consumers as it uses encryption and other security measures to protect consumer information and offers a Buyer Protection policy and Dispute Resolution process; However, as with any financial service, consumers should be aware of potential risks and take steps to protect themselves from fraud or unauthorized transactions. In B2B manufacturing businesses, like all other businesses, data security plays an important role. There is always a risk of product design and catalog theft. Tools like WizCommerce provide B2B manufacturing businesses with a digitization mechanism to organize, manage and secure their product information, streamline pre-sales processes with various features like create customized catalogs for your buyers, receive detailed analytics on what the buyers like as well as create quotations and PIs. The catalogs made on WizCommerce can be accessed only by people who are given access to while sharing the catalog link. The catalogs are secured using multiple authentication. Hence, your catalogs are completely safe.

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