Container volume calculation

This feature helps you figure out how much space/volume your order will take up in different shipping container sizes. Doing this lets you easily choose the best shipping options and decide the freight and shipping terms.

Let’s see how it works.

Suppose you have created a cart. This is what it looks like:


As you can see, each cart item has a designated volume available in cubic feet (CFT) and cubic meters (CBM). You can see these volumes for each cart item on this page (CFT: 51.90, CFT: 178.20, and CFT: 213.00.) Depending on the number of units you have selected for each, the “Total CFT” is calculated at the bottom right corner, which is 443.10. And right next to his calculation, you see “221.6% filled. This means that your current cart volume exceeds your selected container volume.

Above the total CFT calculation, a dropdown currently says “200 CFT container.”

When you click on this dropdown, more options will pop up. You can customize these container sizes according to your needs.


Now, let’s try another container size option, let’s say 500 CFT.


The calculation now says 88.6% filled and 443.10 total CFT. This means that there is space left in the container for more products. Since the client will pay shipping charges according to the container size, you can recommend they add more products to the cart to optimize the remaining space.

You can even filter products by volume and suggest the ones close to the remaining space.

Moreover, if you want a custom container for an order, you can do that, too. Just click “Edit capacity” and enter the exact capacity you want, say 443.10, which is the total CFT of the cart items.


Now the container has the exact capacity as your order:


If there is no container requirement for an order, you can simply flip the container toggle:



The container information is available on your carts, order forms, and quotes.


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