Create custom products with unique IDs

With this feature, you get product customization with as many options as you want. Let’s understand this with an example.



Let’s look at this chandelier. It has different components, such as hemp, finish, bead type, and mounting type. You can select multiple customization options for each component according to customer preference.


Here’s how to do it. Click on customize, and you will see this dialog box:


As you can see, you can select different options for each chandelier component. You will see the SKU ID update at the top based on your selections. The price also keeps changing according to your selections. 

Note that these customization options can be single-select (where you can only select one of the choices available), multi-select (where you can select multiple options- as shown below), and counters (where you select quantity- also shown below.)


Once you are done with your selections and add the product to your cart, this is how it looks like:


As you can see, the custom ID with all the selections appears on the cart page.

To set up these custom selections, you need to reach out to your CSM and define what customizations you want. 


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