Offer bulk discounts according to volume


This feature allows you to set different prices based on bulk purchases: fewer units cost more per unit, while bulk orders reduce the price per unit. You can customize prices and volume brackets for each customer segment and set order quantities that increase in specific increments to efficiently manage bulk orders and case packs.

Consider this 12 Volt Spotlight. As you can see, its price depends on the volume your customer buys. Breaking it down, if a customer buys <6 units, they will pay $98.99 per unit; if they buy between 6 and 19 units, the price goes down to $89.09, and if they buy 20 units or more, the price becomes $79.19.

So, when you select, let’s say, 5 units of this product, it will be priced at $98.99 per unit:


But when you select 6 units, the price changes to $89.09 per unit:


These prices can be defined for each SKU ID and by catalog. That means that prices and volume brackets can be different for each customer segment you have:


Let’s look at the pricing and volume brackets for the same product for the designer segment.


As you can see, the price allocation and the bracket limits changed. The number of brackets can also be different for segments and products.

You can also choose not to have prices according to volumes for a particular segment. Let’s look at the same product for the dealer segment.


Another related feature is the case pack. To understand this, let’s go back to the original example.


In addition to these volume brackets, you can change the incremental order quantity (IOQ). This simply means that when you add a product to the cart, instead of increasing by 1, it can increase by, let’s say, +6, +10, or +12.

This can also be set at the bracket level. For example, if you add product units <6, the counter will increase by 1. But if you select, let’s say, 6 units, the counter will start increasing by 2 (so, 6,8,10, and so on), and if they select 20 units, the counter will start increasing by 5 (so, 20, 25, 30, 35, and so on.)

This is to accommodate the use of case packs. If a case pack has, let’s say, 10 units, you can set the incremental order quantity (IOQ) to 10. And you can also choose to sell individual units up to a certain number, say, 5. After 5 units, the counter only increases by 10. 


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