Embracing Change: Sourcewiz Evolves into WizCommerce

When we started Sourcewiz, we set out to solve a very particular problem. Democratize technology for those involved in the sourcing step of the supply chain. That is to help wholesalers and manufacturers connect with retailers who are leaps ahead of them in tech adoption.

When we launched our product, the response was amazing. Our users were used to old, complicated systems and doing things by hand. They weren’t used to a product that was easy to use and worked well.

Our customers loved our product and told others about it.

However, as we ventured deeper, engaging in heartfelt conversations with those who used our product, we realized the enormity of the challenge. The initial issues we aimed to address were merely the surface. The real problem lay deeper, in the chaos of outdated systems. Sales representatives were drowning in inefficiencies, from logging into ERPs for basic inventory checks to the cumbersome process of converting quotes to orders. The existing tools in the industry were relics, unable to keep pace with the advancements in technology.

This chaos wasn’t just a problem; it was a call to action. We immersed ourselves in the industry, listening to the stories, struggles, and makeshift solutions of those who toiled within it. This was not about business; this was about empathy and understanding.

With each story, and each shared frustration, our product evolved. It became more than just a solution; it was a companion in the daily lives of our users, addressing their needs, and simplifying their tasks.

Then came a moment of profound clarity. Our journey had taken us far beyond our original vision. We were no longer just facilitating connections or managing orders. We had become a part of our users’ lives, an integral component of their daily struggles and triumphs. We were not just enhancing sourcing; we were reshaping the very fabric of B2B commerce, infusing it with the ease and intuitiveness of B2C experiences.

This evolution marked a new chapter. Sourcewiz was reborn as WizCommerce, a name that reflected our expanded mission and deepened commitment. Our journey had transformed us, just as we sought to transform the industry. Our hearts were set on more than just solving problems; we were driven by a desire to empower, uplift, and innovate – not just for the sake of technology, but for the people who make commerce thrive.

Introducing WizCommerce

With Sourcewiz, we laid the foundation for a transformative journey. It was more than just a platform; it became a part of our users’ daily lives, helping them manage their business processes with greater ease. But our journey didn’t stop there.

As we evolved into WizCommerce, our ambition soared. Our goal wasn’t just to maintain workflows but to elevate them to new heights of intuitiveness and efficiency.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen remarkable advancements in B2C commerce with platforms like Shopify and Magento. Yet, the B2B sphere seemed to lag behind, clinging to outdated processes and disjointed systems. That’s where we see our mission – to bring about the same level of innovation and ease to B2B commerce.

At WizCommerce, we’re not just building a platform; we’re crafting an ecosystem that simplifies and integrates major business workflows. Our vision is to diminish the daily chaos our users face to liberate them from the constraints of juggling multiple platforms or laboring under manual processes.

Every feature, and every update in WizCommerce is a step towards making our users’ work life not just more manageable but more inspiring. We’re not just changing how business is done; we’re redefining it, making each day more productive, more intuitive, and ultimately more fulfilling. This is our commitment to our users, to their growth, and to the future of B2B commerce.

And this is what our new logos stand for!!

Unveiling WizCommerce’s logo



Embracing Change: Sourcewiz Evolves into WizCommerce

As we’ve grown over the last few years, we’ve reimagined our vision and goals, and the centerpiece of this transformation is our new logo.

A blend of wizardry and geometric strength symbolizes our efforts to make B2B commerce so simple that it feels like magic and our commitment to reliability and purpose.

At the heart of our logo lies the iconic wizard’s hat, a nod to our name, ‘Wiz’ and the magical ease we bring to commerce solutions. We’ve nestled this symbol of enchantment within a triangle, a shape renowned for its representation of protection, strength, and purpose – qualities we embody in our services.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. Drawing parallels from the reverse prism where a spectrum or rays is recombined into white light, our triangle also works in the same way converting chaos into order. It’s not just about bending light; it’s about unifying diverse elements of B2B commerce into a single, powerful beam, symbolizing clarity, unity, and direction in business.

Our logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a statement. It represents our innovative spirit and steadfast dedication to empowering wholesalers and distributors. We’re not just another B2B solution; we’re a beacon of change, transforming how businesses connect and thrive.

The road ahead

As WizCommerce embarks on this new journey, we carry forward the legacy of Sourcewiz, driven by the same passion to revolutionize the B2B commerce landscape. Our new identity symbolizes a broader commitment to intuitive, seamless experiences, blending the best of technology with the human touch. We stand at the cusp of a new era, ready to tackle fresh challenges and seize exciting opportunities. Join us as we pave the way for a future where B2B commerce is not just efficient but also delightfully simple.

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