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Sourcewiz by WizCommerce is a tech platform for sales, merchandising and design teams in B2B manufacturing and exports. Save countless hours spent trying to find the right products or creating presentations. Focus on increasing your revenue with Sourcewiz!

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The best product information management system for your designs and samples.

1. Seamless product management
Digitize your entire design repository with our dedicated product onboarding team

Our team of data scientists will seamlessly migrate your data to our platform according to your business needs, ensuring a smooth transition and complete digitization of your design repository.

2. One click background removal
Simplify editing for product listings, like adding images or removing backgrounds

Effortlessly add new products and enhance existing ones by adjusting resolution, brightness, and removing backgrounds with ease.

3. Advanced search & discovery
Improve discovery of products in repository with text search and AI based image search

Discover products quickly with our Advanced Image Search. Use text, patterns, or even reference images to find exactly what you need in seconds. Customize your search to fit your preferences.

Sourcewiz studio

Generate custom presentations and quotes in a few clicks

Perform complex calculations and save templates with Quotation Maker

Convert your presentations into on-demand e-sites and get buyer queries

Create custom product presentations for customers by selecting and exporting

Generate professional, studio level custom presentations in a few minutes

Trade fair and showroom app

Generate product labels and record customer queries.

Generate product labels

With your company’s branding, colours and logo

Scan QR / barcodes

Connect our app with barcode scanners and easily take orders

Record buyer notes

While taking buyer queries and turn them into catalogues

Work online or offline

Continue taking queries, record buyer sessions, with or without internet

Hear what our customers say about us!

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Data driven product showcase

With WizCommerce we can generate complex quotations within a few minutes. And we especially love the tear sheet feature, which gives us information of the buyer’s activities on our tear sheet. Basis on these insights, we plan our product showcase for the next fair.

Sushant Sharma

Brand Lead

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Digitization of pre-sales process

WizCommerce helped us in digitizing our pre-sales process, from stock management to tear sheet creation, every feature is meticulously designed. The team was very responsive and the onboarding process was smooth. I would highly recommend WizCommerce.

Sanath Mundra

Operations Manager

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Eliminated use of pen and paper during trade shows

At trade fairs, we can manage everything with just a single mobile phone. Thanks to WizCommerce, the need for pen and paper during trade fairs has been eliminated.

Mr. Shailesh Singh

Senior Merchandizer

Efficiency gains across departments

Initially we implemented WizCommerce only for internal use, but the platform quickly demonstrated its value. They were commitment to adding features that saved both time and cost across various departments. WizCommerce has now become an essential element of our day-to-day operations.

Ronak Agarwal


Excellent support, substantial ROI

The tool seamlessly integrated with our existing system, making it indispensable for all teams. Adoption was straightforward, resulting in the daily creation of thousands of presentations. Implementation was seamless, and customer service has been consistently exceptional. WizCommerce continues to deliver a substantial ROI.

Shekhar Gupta


Drives buyer engagement, boosts sales

I was constantly searching for a reliable solution to streamline our product and catalog management. WizCommerce turned out to be the perfect fit! Its user-friendly interface enabled me to quickly set up and effectively communicate the value of each item, driving buyer engagement and ultimately boosting sales.

Anwehsa Malik

Assistant to Director

Data security & access on the go

Thanks to WizCommerce, I now have the convenience of accessing my product portfolio from anywhere, eliminating the need to carry cumbersome hard drives. I find great peace of mind knowing that my valuable samples are securely stored.


Owner, JR Exports

Customer delight unlocked

Since adopting WizCommerce, desk work has become a breeze: simple, efficient, and practically effortless. This newfound freedom has empowered our team to focus on truly impactful areas, such as crafting high-quality products, delivering exceptional customer experiences, & maximizing convenience for all.

Piyush Mittal

Partner, JR Exports


WizCommerce plays well with your existing products.

Sourcewiz is so much better in action. Why don’t you check it out?


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