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Jeff Goldfarb

National Sales Manager

Manual to automation in weeks

We went from the initial conversation to a demo in just two weeks, and we were blown away by WizCommerce's capabilities. It was clear they understood our complex product needs like no other e-commerce company. What amazed us even more was their rapid response and willingness to make changes to get things right. We haven't heard a single negative comment about the platform; everyone agrees it's the best they've seen. It's feature-rich and elegant, and it gets an 11/10 from us. It’s just been spectacular!

Sushant Sharma

Brand Lead

With WizCommerce, we can generate complex quotations within a few minutes. And we especially love the tear sheet feature. It gives us invaluable insights into buyer activity, helping us fine-tune our product showcase for upcoming fairs. The platform is super intuitive and efficient, saves our time, and increases efficiency.

Shailesh Singh


WizCommerce has revolutionized our customer dealings. We went from emails and PPTs to effortlessly generated product catalogs. We can share complete product details, including images by scanning QR codes on labels. At trade shows, we can manage everything with a single mobile. It has also helped us streamline our marketing efforts, making customer interactions smoother and more efficient. Plus, the team support has been phenomenal!

Suzanne Alston

Account Manager

Switching to WizCommerce has been a game-changer. During trade shows, I could handle about 4 or 5 customers per hour. Now, I can wrap up all follow-ups before the show ends, cutting my workload in half and leaving me time to focus on strategic things. Plus, the support has been outstanding—they addressed our requests promptly, allowing us to hit the ground running. It's been a total win-win.

Sankalp A.

Project Manager

WizCommerce has been a game-changer for us at trade shows. From sampling to barcode generation, everything runs smoothly, cutting our turnaround time from 2-3 days to 4-5 hours! What sets WizCommerce apart is their exceptional support and drive to give solutions tailored to our needs.

Tasleem Malik

IT Manager

I can’t remember the days of pen-and-paper chaos at trade shows. Now we can manage everything at trade shows with a single mobile phone. With WizCommerce’s trade fair app, we can scan barcodes, take notes and even share tear sheets in minutes and clicks. Trust me, you want this tool in your arsenal!

Saikat Sinha

Creative Head

WizCommerce makes our pre-sales process a breeze, letting us share tear sheets and quotes in just a few clicks. Quick access to product details cuts down our turnaround time. Plus, their post-sale support is stellar, with CSMs always there to help out. If you're in wholesale or manufacturing and want a hassle-free pre-sales solution, WizCommerce is your go-to.

Michael Pyle

Director of E-Commerce

We were struggling to manage our 100,000-product data file. So when WizCommerce came in and said they would have a tailored demo for us in a week or two, we were shocked. But you guys delivered and how. We achieved image-matching for our complex line, unlocking features like personalized and similar product recommendations. A few ways down the line, positive feedback from our teams confirmed that WizCommerce is the perfect fit for our business.

Deepanshu S.

Management Consultant

WizCommerce has completely transformed how we run our factory. Our operations have become efficient and intuitive. We rely on it for everything, from sampling to sharing tear sheets/catalogues. Plus, with end-to-end automation, it saves us time to focus on strategic priorities.

Virender Sharma


Moving from scattered Excels and hard disks to a centralized database with WizCommerce has made our workflow smoother. Now, we can generate catalogs and quotes faster, with fewer errors. Plus, we get real-time insights into customer engagement, trends, and preferences, helping us make better decisions. Collaborating with WizCommerce has contributed greatly in making us agile and added value to our business.

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