Duplicate and repeat orders and quotes


Suppose you placed an order or created a quote for a customer and want to replicate the same order or quote for another customer. Instead of repeating this process for another customer, you can simply duplicate the order for a different customer.

How to do it?

Go to the order you want to replicate (confirmed or draft) and click on the three dots at the top right corner. A dialog box will open with the option “Duplicate Order.” 

(Note the “Repeat Order” option for later.)


Another dialog box will open like this:


Search for the customer for whom you want to duplicate the order (in this case, “Paper Company.”)


Click on the company name, and voila! Your order is duplicated.


Then comes our “Repeat Order” feature. This feature allows you to replicate an order for the same customer in a few easy steps. Also, if you want to make just a few changes to an order, you can repeat the order and tweak the variable instead of creating it from scratch. Suppose you want to repeat an order and change just its shipping address; this feature makes it so easy!

Let’s see how.


On this screen and dropdown, click “Repeat order.” You will see this dialog box:


Click “Proceed”. An identical order will be created for the same customer.


Now, you can change any line item you want on this screen. No need to create an order from scratch!

Note: You can duplicate and replicate orders at any stage during the order journey: submitted quote, draft quote, confirmed order, draft order, pending for approval order, etc.


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