Take orders without internet connectivity

No internet at trade shows? Take orders in offline mode!

Trade shows often lack internet connectivity, making order-taking a challenge. With WizCommerce’s new feature, you can continue to take orders even if you are offline. 

Note: This feature works only on the WizCommerce app

Here’s how it works:

First, you should ensure data is synced on your local device. Here’s how.

Once on the WizCommerce app, click the profile icon next to the “Create order” button.


You will be redirected to this page:


Press the Sync now” button. The first time you do this, it will take 10-15 minutes to download all the data to your local device. Incremental syncs will take about 30 seconds each.


When your sync is complete, you will see this dialog box:


Click “Okay”. You will see this screen:


Now that all your data is offline, you can turn on the offline mode toggle and start taking orders. When you flip the toggle, you will see this dialog box:


Click “Go Offline.” This is how your offline screen looks (notice the offline icon at the top):


In offline mode, you can navigate products via the search feature, add customers, create quotes, take orders, and edit orders and quotes.

Here’s what’s not available in offline mode:

  • Tear sheets, filters, payments, invoices, reports, and WizAI are unavailable offline. 
  • Inventory is not updated offline. It syncs only when you are back online.
  • Emails for offline orders or quotes are not automated. You have to send them manually through confirmation pages when you sync online.

Now, once you’re back online, turn the offline mode toggle off, and all your orders will be synced with the system. To do this, go to the profile icon again and flip the toggle to exit the offline mode.


All the changes you made offline will be synced once you’re online (notice the notification at the top):


Best Practices

  • Always perform a ‘sync now’ right before going offline to ensure your data is current.
  • Remind reps not to delete the app or clear data before syncing offline orders. 

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