Top 10 B2B Wholesale Marketplaces to Grow Your Business

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, B2B wholesale marketplaces are becoming vital for growth and expansion. These platforms offer unique opportunities for businesses to connect with a wider range of suppliers and customers, streamline their operations, and enhance market reach.

Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, leveraging the right wholesale marketplace can significantly impact your growth trajectory. In the upcoming list, we’ll explore top B2B wholesale marketplaces that could be instrumental in scaling your business.

Sale Hoo

SaleHoo, with over 18 years of experience, has cemented its reputation as a leader in aiding entrepreneurs in realizing their eCommerce aspirations. Recognized for its expansive and trustworthy database of wholesale suppliers, SaleHoo is a popular choice globally, renowned for its reliability and customer satisfaction.

Which products do well: SaleHoo’s range spans over 20 categories, including health & beauty, homewares, electronics, jewelry, and more, offering a wide array of options for sellers and buyers.

Seller Fees: SaleHoo offers free listings for sellers, making it an accessible platform for businesses of various sizes.

Monthly Traffic: 39.1K


Faire stands out as a contemporary and elegantly designed wholesale platform. It serves as a hub for over 60,000 independent small-scale manufacturers from the United States, Canada, and Europe, connecting them with a global network of retailers. The marketplace is particularly appealing to buyers due to its offer of reduced shipping costs and lowered import duties for retailers in Europe, enhancing its attractiveness and utility.

Which products do well : Unique products in clothing, jewelry, food, and homewares.

Seller Fees: 15% + $10 commission on first orders (when a buyer ‘discovers’ you), then 15% per order thereafter

Monthly Traffic: 495K


The luxury fashion wholesale marketplace Joor, though on the pricier side for joining, offers a wealth of valuable tools for sellers. It features a convenient app to monitor business progress and attracts elite buyers, including Harrods and Farfetch.

Which products do well: Luxury items

Seller Fees: $5K – $20K depending on the size of the business

Monthly Traffic: 18K


Wayfair is a prominent online wholesale marketplace specializing in home goods and furniture. It offers an extensive range of products, from stylish home decor to functional furniture pieces. Known for its vast selection and competitive pricing, Wayfair provides a convenient shopping experience for customers seeking to enhance their living spaces. With user-friendly features and a focus on customer satisfaction, Wayfair is a go-to destination for home furnishing needs.

Which products do well: Home goods, furniture, home electronic appliances

Seller Fees: Wayfair doesn’t charge our partners fees or take a cut from their sales like other companies do. We operate as a retailer with a wholesale cost model, meaning we pay our suppliers the base cost of their items, and we set a retail price that’s fair and competitive.

Monthly Traffic: 16.2 M

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a specialized service within Amazon that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of features designed to simplify purchasing for work. These include business-only pricing, quantity discounts, and the ability to compare offers from multiple sellers on a single product. Amazon Business also provides the convenience of Amazon’s wide selection and fast shipping, coupled with features tailored to business purchasing, like multi-user accounts and purchasing approval workflows. It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their procurement processes.

What products do well: No categories as such

Seller Fees: Selling on Amazon Business costs $39.99 per month, plus additional selling fees.

Monthly Traffic: 244K

Fashion Go

Established in 2002 and based in Los Angeles, FashionGO is a thriving wholesale marketplace focused on fashion, apparel, and accessories. The platform boasts a significant presence with about 7,000 sellers and 740,000 buyers, and it continues to grow. Welcoming suppliers globally, FashionGO offers free sign-up, making it an accessible and diverse marketplace for fashion industry participants worldwide.

Which products do well: Fashion, shoes, apparel, accessories.

Seller Fees: Free to join; unclear if they charge commission.

Monthly Traffic: 80K


Mable, based in the USA, aims to empower local and independent grocers/producers by linking them with customers across all 50 states. It’s an ideal platform for small or specialty food and beverage brands seeking to establish a presence in the US market. Currently, Mable lists only US suppliers, focusing on nurturing domestic businesses.

Which products do well: Food and beverage

Seller Fees: 12.5% referral fee for first sales and new customers

Monthly Traffic: 11.6K


Abound is a wholesale marketplace that stands out for its unique approach to connecting retailers with emerging and established brands. It offers a diverse range of products, including everything from unique home goods to innovative beauty products. Abound is particularly known for its support of small businesses and independent makers, providing a platform where they can showcase their products to a wide network of retailers. It’s a go-to destination for retailers looking to discover and stock unique items that cater to a variety of consumer interests.

Which products do well: Accessories, home goods, beauty products, and food and beverage

Seller Fees: 15-25% for your first order and 8-15% for all reorders

Monthly Traffic: 5K


RangeMe is an platform that serves as a bridge between retailers and suppliers in the consumer packaged goods industry. It streamlines the product discovery process, enabling retailers to efficiently find and compare new products that align with their needs. Suppliers, from small businesses to well-established brands, use RangeMe to showcase their products and increase visibility among top retailers. The platform is renowned for enhancing the efficiency of sourcing processes, making it easier for retailers to find unique and relevant products.

Which products do well: Food, beverage, health, beautify

Seller Fees: Free

Monthly Traffic: 15.7K


Creoate is a wholesale marketplace that caters to the needs of independent retailers, offering a curated selection of unique products from creative brands and artisans. It’s an ideal platform for retailers seeking original, high-quality items for their stores. Creoate emphasizes supporting small businesses and sustainability, providing a diverse range of products that includes everything from homeware and gifts to beauty and fashion. The platform stands out for its commitment to offering distinctive products that appeal to forward-thinking retailers and their customers.

Which products do well: Home, kitchen & garden, textiles, apparel, beauty, stationery, gifts,food.

Seller Fees: 20% for first orders, 15% for reorders

Monthly Traffic: 9.1K

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