Introducing WizShop: WizCommerce's Revolutionary B2B Customer Portal

Introducing WizShop: WizCommerce’s Revolutionary B2B Customer Portal

Your B2B Customers Want It All!

In today’s fast-paced world of commerce, adaptability and accessibility are paramount. Talking about accessibility, your B2B buyers are increasingly seeking buying experiences similar to the B2C experiences they come across in their lives. Did you know that 64% of B2B buyers are millennials or Generation Z folks who are tech-savvy professionals used to Amazon-like shopping experiences? According to Forrester, 90% of younger buyers are unsatisfied with their suppliers in at least one way, as opposed to 71% of older buyers. This essentially means that your B2B buyers desire solutions like effortless order management, personalized recommendations, and self-service and omnichannel functionality.

When asked to choose between in-person, remote, or digital self-service encounters, B2B buyers said they want it all. Essentially, what they are inclined towards is a cross-channel mix, in equal measure. So, if you are still making your B2B buyers depend on sales reps and their 5-day-a-week, 7-hour-a-day buying window, chances are your customers are dissatisfied with their buying experience.

There are a few B2B e-commerce solutions in the market that offer storefront functionality, but they are just not up to the mark of what we are trying to achieve. Why? Let’s find out.

Challenges Faced by Current B2B Commerce Solutions

While the need for a B2B ordering portal is evident, as underlined above, our current competitors struggle to effectively serve this demand. Let’s see why.

1. Platform Limitations

Platforms such as Shopify and Magento, while popular in the e-commerce sphere, were primarily designed to cater to B2C transactions. As a result, adapting them to suit B2B needs is both time-consuming and expensive. For instance, Shopify’s B2B offering starts at a hefty $2000 per month charge, making it infeasible for many small to medium-sized businesses.

2. Lack of Omni-Channel Support

B2B players operate across multiple channels, including trade shows, websites, and through field representatives. The existing platforms fail to provide comprehensive solutions for managing transactions across all these diverse channels. This leads to data inconsistencies and inefficiencies. The result? Your sales representatives have no real-time visibility into key metrics and struggle to track customer orders, product preferences, and cart contents.

3. Inability to Configure Unique B2B Workflows

The intricacies of B2B transactions extend beyond simple ordering processes. B2B buyers often require additional functionalities, such as the ability to send product presentations, download orders in Excel format, and access comprehensive product data. These features, essential for facilitating smooth business operations, are not readily available on conventional B2C platforms.

4. No Provision of Customizable Checkout Requirements

B2B checkout processes absolutely need flexibility to accommodate buyer preferences and payment terms. Unlike B2C transactions, where upfront payments are standard practice, B2B buyers may require net terms or partial payments. However, traditional checkout platforms lack the customization options that are necessary to cater to these diverse needs, leaving businesses grappling with inadequate solutions.

Presenting WizCommerce’s Online B2B Storefront Offering, WizShop

In response to the evolving needs of our customers and to overcome the challenges of existing e-commerce solutions, we are proud to announce the launch of our online B2B storefront offering, WizShop. Overwhelmingly, our clients have expressed the desire for a seamless online storefront to facilitate flexibility and accessibility in the buying experiences of their customers. Right now, they are heavily reliant on representatives to place orders who typically work within set hours. As a result, customers find themselves constrained to specific order windows. By introducing a B2B ordering portal, we aim to break free from these limitations, providing our clients with the freedom to transact 24/7, reducing their dependency on rigid working hours.

Picture this: your B2B customers, sitting in their pajamas on a weekend, and seamlessly browsing and placing their orders on your website. You don’t miss a sale because your store is open 24*7 and your buyers experience digital self-service like never before! That’s precisely what we have built here, and that’s the picture we are trying to make come true!

While on this journey, we wanted to make sure we overcame the challenges of conventional e-commerce platforms and created a solution specifically tailored to B2B e-commerce needs. Let’s break down how we achieved that.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our online B2B storefront platform, WizShop, comes equipped with all the functionalities tailored to meet the requirements of B2B operations. Let’s break down our unique selling proposition:

1. Tailored for B2B Business Dynamics

WizShop is meticulously crafted to cater exclusively to the demands of B2B operations. Unlike generic e-commerce platforms, every aspect of our customer portal is designed with the unique workflows and requirements of wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing sectors in mind.

a) Customizable price lists

WizShop empowers businesses with the flexibility to assign specific price lists to individual customers or customer groups. With this functionality, each customer group only sees the price list applicable to them.

b) Personalized buying experience

Harnessing the power of AI, WizShop delivers a personalized buying journey for each customer. Through AI-based recommendations, buyers get tailored product suggestions, enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions.


c) Downloadable product presentations

In B2B workflows, B2B buyers may need to download product presentations to have internal discussions or keep records. They might also need to send presentations of products to end buyers, let them download their orders/ product data in an Excel format, and more. All this and more can be done easily with WizShop.

d) Comprehensive information access

Wizshop puts all essential information at the fingertips of the buyers- from order history and invoices to real-time shipping status updates. Your B2B customers have access to comprehensive data, empowering informed decision-making and fostering trust and transparency in transactions. Moreover, it eliminates the need for sales intervention for manual updates and queries.

2. Unified Experience Across Channels

a) Seamless data flow

The data flows seamlessly between the customer portal, trade show app, and sales portal. This unified approach eliminates data silos, enabling businesses to track customer interactions and preferences across all touchpoints.

b) Intelligent sales rep insights

Your sales representatives can monitor customer browsing activities and abandoned carts in real time. Armed with this information, reps can proactively follow up with customers, nurture leads, and close deals faster, driving revenue growth.

c) Enhanced buyer visibility

With an integrated data ecosystem, your B2B customers can access relevant information about their orders and real-time shipping updates, regardless of how or where the order was placed.

3. AI-Enabled Product Recommendations

You can recommend new products based on a buyer’s previous purchase history, maximizing cross-selling opportunities and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Moreover, in instances where a desired product is out of stock, our AI-based recommendation engine intelligently suggests similar products, so you never lose a sale and ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Flexible Checkout Flows

With customizable checkout flows, WizShop accommodates the diverse needs of B2B buyers. From adding notes and scheduling deliveries to incorporating new shipping addresses, customers have the freedom to tailor their checkout experience to suit their specific requirements. Additionally, businesses can choose to charge customers upfront or later through various payment methods like card on file, or via a payment link. Reordering, which is a norm in several B2B companies, is a breeze with WizShop too.

5. Streamlined Account Management

WizShop simplifies the process of account management with customized sign-up forms and easy approval workflows. Whether adding new accounts or managing existing ones, businesses can streamline operations and enhance efficiency, enabling seamless growth and scalability.

The Way Forward

While your B2B customers’ expectations are evolving faster than ever, we are giving you the platform to get on the evolution bandwagon yourself and never lag! Equip your buyers with digital self-service and the convenience of an omnichannel experience. Book a demo now.

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